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Hi!  I’m Melissa Slawsky.
I work with high-performing service-based business owners who are very good at what they do, but are working way too hard to hit their business goals.

I help them shift from High-Performance to High-IMPACT, so they can hit their business goals faster and simplify their lives.  As a result, they are able to grow their businesses without running themselves into the ground, because the business performs as well as they do.

After spending two decades as a solo business owner, I was literally the poster child for ‘running yourself into the ground’ in pursuit of my goals.  Not even back surgery, burnout, or bankruptcy could stop me from pursuing the fulfilling work I was put on this planet to do.

It wasn’t until my typical strategies of ‘working harder’ or ‘learning more’ stopped working for me (and started to work against me) that I realized I needed to think beyond peak performance and set my business up in a way to support the high-level of work I wanted to do.  Now, I help others to do the same.



Strategic Planning & Advising

The strategic plan to maximize revenue (while minimizing overwhelm and overhead) so you’re growing in a way that’s sustainable and enjoyable.

Brand Strategy & Messaging

There is an art to what you do that makes you remarkable and different than anyone else out there. I help you capture it and communicate it, so it’s recognizable and repeatable.™

Proprietary Processes & Systems

You’ve got this down to a science. I’ll help you create and optimize assets that generate revenue for the lifetime of your business (while creating efficiency in the process.)

The Best F*c&ing Marketer I know!

Since I have had my brand new electronic press kit from Melissa Slawsky, I have had non-stop work!  I obviously can’t say it was her work 100% that did that, but my workload has doubled! (Which is amazing!)

In fact, I recently got hired for a music job from my press kit alone!  When I asked the director if he liked my music, his response was, “I actually haven’t had a chance to sit down and listen to your music, but I noticed that you clearly know what you are doing and are extremely professional, so I know you will be the right fit for this and many other films.”  I’d hire Melissa again in a second!

Rock-Solid Messaging and Multiple Income Streams

Melissa Slawsky has got to be one of the most talented marketing mind I have ever met!  Her passion for helping consultants, incredible talents, lightning fast turnaround are all why I’m her #1 fan!  If you need help carving out your message and making it tangible, this woman will SHOCK you with her skills.  I spent FIVE MONTHS trying to figure it out and she did it in less than 24 hours.  I swear! I’ve never seen anything like it, or HER.

Above and Beyond!

Melissa can not only restructure and organize existing content- from online courses to webinar scripts, but create NEW marketing and course content ‘on the fly.’  She understands how people learn and really takes the time to make sure your clients feel taken care of.

We needed someone to revamp our online curriculum, and Melissa went above and beyond with a complete consolidation of all of our content and course materials for our year-long mastermind and major licensing deal.

Be prepared for more feedback and strategy than you bargained for!  Melissa understands that content does not exist in a vacuum and must be a part of your sales funnel and marketing plan.  She regularly reviewed and edited copy for our Funnels and Facebook Accelerator clients and even created NEW course content for our Facebook ads curriculum.


Discover strategies for –

  • Business growth (without the burnout)
  • The unique way to add and communicate value (without working harder)
  • Sustainable success (to support the high-level work that you do)

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