3 Business ‘Levers’ That Are Often Overlooked

We often hear about adding more leverage to your business, with the typical ‘levers’ being around the various tactics and strategies to add more.

Here are 3 business ‘levers’ that are often overlooked (with implications for you, the business owner and your clients/audience.)


There is nothing more inspiring than when someone is in their ‘element,’ ON FIRE, doing their thing, using their “superpowers…” while really enjoying themselves in the process.

It’s almost like a performance, where they are energized by the work that they do (and that energy is amplified when others have the opportunity to enjoy that experience as well.)

Business owners can benefit from prioritizing the work they find most fulfilling and energizing on a daily basis, working (only) with the clients that LIGHT THEM UP (rather than waiting for happiness to occur when they’ve hit a major goal or milestone.)

The result for you – A higher level of engagement with your work (which is a requirement for flow.)

The audience implication – That energy is contagious, which can fuel inspiration and creativity moving forward for years to come.

It’s a win-win.


You can have all the fulfillment in the world, but when your life’s work loses all meaning, then it doesn’t really matter. [#notworthit.]

Business owners can benefit from getting clear on their core values and making them front and center in their brand and business.

Your clientele wants to know why you do what you do… (or at least want to know that you’re doing this for more than just dollar-signs.) Don’t be afraid to share this.

The result for you – Your business is built on a foundation of meaning, which can drive your decisions moving forward (and help you never forget why you went into business in the first place.)

The audience implication – Your brand and business serves as a shining example for the core values your clients and customers hold dear. You reinforce that identity with your products and services, and they are eager to connect with you when they want to tap into that again.


We’re often all about the logistics (e.g., the WHAT and the HOW) that go into running a business, but when it comes to really connecting, there are other factors that come into play.

These are the factors that create those moments that make time stand still, take our breath away, and remind us what life is really all about:

  • Emotion – Even the most growth-oriented consumer will be more motivated to do business with you if you can help them avoid the pain of regret or achieve their full potential in business. Don’t discount emotion when it comes to this process.
  • Experience – We usually hear about customer experience in terms of quality and a smooth transaction from start to finish. How can you take this even further, and give someone a taste of the action?
  • Multisensory Experience – Beyond combining audio with visual, what are the other senses you can tap into that really drive an experience home? To reinforce memory? To tap into memories that already exist? Meaning, fulfillment, and experience are amplified the more you take advantage of this.

The result for you – You get to have a fuller and more richer experience in your business – sharing more of the parts of you that we have tempted you to hide. You get to feel more fully expressed as a result (and more fully alive.)

The audience implication – Interacting with your brand and business provides a taste of the action and an experience they can get nowhere else.

Those are 3 of the ‘levers’ we most often overlook when it comes to growing a business. The things we most often want in life are universal.
[Your clients and audience want them too.]

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