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"Like an energy drink for your business"

Sarah J.

Your 9-step action guide to stepping off the hamster wheel and moving forward towards a more creative, fulfilling, and meaningful life’s work

When you’re feeling stuck and ready to answer “the call” to something more, this practical guide presents simple strategies and shifts to build a sustainable life’s work that goes way beyond passion or showing up in your strengths.

“Short, easy to read, fun and practical. A combo that can be hard to find. Many books in this category are to woo-y in my opinion so I like all the practicality, links, exercises and ideas, in this book. And believe me I have read many books on this subject!”
– Amazon Reader

Unstuck will present you with a series of quick, actionable steps to help you discover:

  • What fulfills you, versus what has driven you in the past,
  • Who you are, beyond what you do,
  • How to avoid the “one true purpose trap,” and
  • The strategies and shifts to build a sustainable life’s work

You can reinvent yourself with a few simple strategies. You may find the only person stopping you from moving forward is you.