On Game Theory, Motivation, & Fulfillment

My favorite game growing up (besides Tetris) was Super Mario Bros.

The premise:

1. Get to the flagpole,

2. Collect coins.

As a Gen. X-er, this makes total sense to me.

The first time my (now 11-year old) son played the game, I was SHOCKED. He did not go after a single coin!

[He just didn’t see the point…]

Do you ever notice how – for this new generation, instead of pre-determined goals, like collecting coins or getting to the flagpole, it’s:

“We’re going to give you this whole world – and you get to do whatever it is you choose.”


1. Minecraft – Spend 1-hour building a tower, so you can jump off it once.

2. Roblox – Take this blocky-looking figure and adorn it with so much crap (but at least your parents don’t have to buy you any of it in real life.

3. Fortnite – WTF?

Anyway, motivations have definitely changed…

And, maybe these young kids are onto something:

*After a while, “collecting coins” gets old.

*Eventually, there are only so many ‘flagpoles’ you can get to before you start feeling empty inside.

Maybe there’s more to life than just “gathering” and “getting.”

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