Accelerating success and results in the following areas:  

Business Growth

With client results and experience as my "north star," I create operational effectiveness and efficiency that drive business results.  Exceptional ability to develop and optimize products, projects, and processes that drive company growth.

Brand Development

Development from 0 to 1 or evolving and elevating - from identity,
core pillars, positioning, and value communication (no matter how 
many features you add or use-cases you find.)

Marketing Strategy

Performance-oriented Business Growth & Marketing professional offering progressive experience as a brand strategist and business growth specialist.

Client Success

I've had the pleasure of serving clients in a variety of industries working behind the scenes for 7- and 8-Figure business coaching and marketing companies.

Product Development

From online courses to no-code tools, I develop and optimize assets that generate hundreds of thousands of dollars year after year.

Process Optimization

Incredible results and extraordinary client experiences await as business and marketing professes are optimized for effectiveness and efficiency.

Client Success

Empowering client success for 7- and 8-figure business training and marketing companies 

Truly Brilliant!

Melissa has the incredible insight and ability to review content, edit copy, and understand its purpose and intention. Her feedback arrived just in time. It was so good to have a fresh set of eyes on my freebie, landing pages, and webinar script! The clarity, placement of information, and enhancements were so helpful. I love how it feels now. I'd highly recommend Melissa's work!

Suzanne Scarrow
Psychologist & EFT Practitioner - Personal Peace Clinic

Optimized Webinar for a Successful Launch

In reviewing my webinar script, Melissa showed me that my webinar had all the makings for a successful launch, but reorganized it so benefits and results were FRONT and CENTER. I was also able to shave off some time.                                                                                                                        

Tim Ragan
CEO & Performance Coach Engineer - Career Constructors

Client support for influx of students

Melissa has done a fantastic job supporting our influx of students in Hybrid Course University.  Much appreciation for the work that she's done!

Danny Iny
CEO - Mirasee

Marketing savvy, care, and results

It has been awesome to have Melissa on the team. The marketing savvy and care with with you support our HCU students, and the results they are getting has been inspiring to me. 

Bhoomi Pathak
COO - Mirasee


Development and optimization of products that drive business results 

Above and Beyond!

Melissa cannot only restructure and organize existing content - from online courses to webinar scripts, but create NEW marketing and course content 'on the fly.' She understands how people learn and really takes the time to make sure your clients feel taken care of.

We needed someone to revamp our online curriculum, and Melissa went above and beyond with a complete consolidation of all of our content and course materials for our year-long mastermind and major licensing deal.

Be prepared for more feedback and strategy than you bargained for! Melissa understands that content does not exist in a vacuum and must be a part of your sales funnel and marketing plan. She regularly reviewed and edited copy for our Funnels and Facebook Accelerator clients and even created NEW course content for our Facebook ads curriculum.

Pamela Bruner
7-Figure Business Coach - Attract Clients Online

Business-Critical Projects + Maximizing Profit Potential

Melissa is a gifted content creator. She has a knack for auditing content, finding weaknesses and implementing improvements. She excels at creating original content for new programs, and she enthusiastically shares recommendations for improvement across the business. 

Melissa also documented Facebook profit plans and marketing plans to help our clients maximize their profit potential.

I had the opportunity to work closely with Melissa on several business critical projects and found her to be reliable and detail-oriented. 
Whenever Melissa was given a task, I knew it would get done on time and I would have regular progress updates.

Brian Shaw
Former Chief Financial Officer - Attract Clients Online


Development and optimization of processes for maximum effectiveness and efficiency 

Big picture + details, content, and strategy

Melissa is such a multitalented person! She dives into her work with enthusiasm, creativity, intelligence, and diligence. She brings all of this to her work along with strong attention to detail and a view of how projects connect and work together.

It is rare to have someone who can see the big picture and the details at the same time and who has the intelligence to then create content and strategy from what she has learned. Melissa is also warm, funny, and kid. She was the first person to welcome me to the team and I'm always grateful to be able to work with her on any project.

Tana Jencks
Digital Marketing & Content Strategist - Real Response Digital

Lightning fast turnaround

Melissa Slawsky has got to be one of the most talented marketing minds I have ever met! Her passion for helping consultants, incredible talents, lightning fast turnaround are all why I'm her #1 fan.

If you need help carving out your message and making it tangible, this woman will SHOCK you with her skills. I spent FIVE MONTHS trying to figure it out and she did it in less than 24 hours. I swear! I've never seen anything like it, or HER.

Alexis Lonnee Ray
Story Coach & Personal Branding Expert


Maximizing potential for profit with incredible results and extraordinary experiences for clients

The best f&**ing marketer I know! 

Since I’ve had my new electronic press kit from Melissa Slawsky, I have had non-stop work! In fact, I recently got hired for a music job from my press kit alone! I’d hire Melissa again in a second!

Dane Gerous Schmidt
Film Score Composer

Passive income (even when interest was waning)

Like an energy drink for your business! Melissa helped me get more strategic about sharing my talents. I now have 800 students worldwide and passive income every month.

Sarah Jordan
Creative Entrepreneur

Evolving your business?