The Difference Between a Transition and an Evolution

Dissertation graphic - transition into the teaching role and development as a piano teacher
Slawsky, Melissa Maccarelli, “Transitioning from Student to Teacher in the Master-Apprentice Model of Piano Pedagogy: An Exploratory Study of Challenges, Solutions, Resources, Reflections, and Suggestions for the Future” (2011). Graduate Theses and Dissertations.

The difference between a ‘transition’ and an ‘evolution’ – (according to my super-nerdy dissertation graphic.)

In a transition – it feels as if we’re trading one thing for another and we don’t always get a say in HOW we get there. [And often, we’ll find that we can only connect the pieces looking backwards.]

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In an evolution – you get to choose the aspects of your development:
A. Developing your OWN STYLE
B. Developing your OWN PHILOSOPHY
C. Developing and owning THE IDENTITY of that thing you want to become
D. Then, through REFLECTIVE PRACTICE, using all the challenges you faced and lessons you learned along the way to create your own practices and processes that make your teachings uniquely yours.

We have choices and creative agency over this process.

So, when you’re in a time of change, ask yourself – Is this a transition or an evolution? Then, create the change you wish to see.

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