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You Had Me At ______________

You had me at __________________.

What was the last thing that made you decide, “This is my person?”

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a client with so much personality (but she thought she had to ‘tone it down’ and put on this ‘veneer’ of professionalism.)

I knew she was the perfect client for me when she said, “2020 was a total dumpster-fire.” 😂

I was so excited to help her showcase the REAL her in her business and brand, because she’s sitting on a goldmine.

-What if our ‘liabilities’ were really our assets?

-What if the things we’re hiding are the very things we should showcase?

-What if we stopped minimizing what makes us different and instead, highlighted what makes us stand out?

-When is the last time somebody ‘grabbed’ you with something they said?

And, what is, “You had me at ________________” for you and your business?”

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