On Personalities and Personas

There’s a video of Alex Trebek circulating around the internet where he swears up a storm.

(His biography is also FULL of sweary words. It’s awesome!) I think this is the most hilarious thing… <img decoding=” />

Some of his fans can’t handle this ‘revelation.’ There’s a man behind the television personality he presented over the years…

As I go down the rabbit hole of branding, archetypes, and how to express more of myself in my business, I can’t help but think –

How can you become the Avatar without becoming a ‘stereotype?’

As humans, we love to categorize people, places, and things – and put them into nice and neat little ‘boxes.’

Then, we can’t handle it when something or somebody defies expectations…

(Our confirmation bias sets in and we immediately reject this version that doesn’t fit the reality we’ve created in our minds.)

And, when we don’t set expectations, some people think ‘anything’ is up for grabs…

I’m making it my mission this year to make things very clear –

Don’t categorize me or put me in a ‘box,’ or you will be sorely disappointed…

(You can’t have self-actualization if you have to put on a different persona in work, life, and business…)