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Growth partner and strategy consultant to rapidly evolve products, projects, and processes for sustainable growth



Business growth consulting to evolve products, projects, and processes to achieve strategic goals, optimize operations, and improve business performance.

Melissa Slawsky, Ph.D.


Growth partner and innovation specialist evolving products, processes, and projects for sustainable growth.

Prior to taking the leap into the business world, Melissa served an Assistant Professor of Music until she discovered she was trying to innovate in a system that relied on preserving tradition. 

A self-admitted professional development "junkie," she leveraged her teaching skills and obsession for all-things online business/marketing to work behind-the-scenes for a handful of 7- and 8-figure business training and marketing companies before finding her place in strategy and innovation.

Melissa resides in Asheville, North Carolina where she enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and four birds.

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Above and Beyond!

Melissa cannot only restructure and organize existing content - from online courses to webinar scripts, but create NEW marketing and course content 'on the fly.' She understands how people learn and really takes the time to make sure your clients feel taken care of.

We needed someone to revamp our online curriculum, and Melissa went above and beyond with a complete consolidation of all of our content and course materials for our year-long mastermind and major licensing deal.

Be prepared for more feedback and strategy than you bargained for! Melissa understands that content does not exist in a vacuum and must be a part of your sales funnel and marketing plan. 

Pamela Bruner, Attract Clients Online

Alexis Ray

If you need help carving out your message and making it tangible, this woman will SHOCK you with her skills. I spent five months trying to figure it out and she did it in less than 24 hours.

I swear! I've never seen anything like it, or HER.

Melissa is a gifted content creator. She has a knack for auditing content, finding weaknesses and implementing improvements. She excels at creating original content for new programs, and she enthusiastically shares recommendations for improvement across the business.                                                    

Brian Shaw

Former CFO, Attract Clients Online

When I first started working with Melissa, I had a masterclass with 5 students and wanted to grow the enrollment. She helped me with many brilliant ideas, strategies for marketing, and inspiration during my low points. I now have 12 students in my Masterclass, at a price point that's 50% more than my original offer (with my best months of sales.)

Wan How

Project Management & Career Coach

Melissa helped me figure out who I should be focusing on for my ideal clients, and she came up with creative ways to find and connect with them.  Straightforward and no-nonsense, she knows her stuff and is happy to go the extra mile to share her knowledge and expertise. She just GOT me and what I'm trying to do, and in my experience, that's rare.

Gina Longo

Leadership Trainer & Coach

Melissa helped me refine my marketing strategy and dial in my message in a way that reflects my brand and personal style. As a result of her expert help, support, and encouragement I am on track to fill my group coaching program.

Anne O'Reilly

Business Growth Strategist & Trainer

Melissa used all my own words, images, and ideas to create a cohesive theme between my launch materials. Her understanding of who I am and what I'm about make a hectic process smooth and more manageable.

Amy Bernier

Say Yes Coaching

Someone like Melissa, who can think outside the box, while understanding exactly what is inside the box, can provide an extremely useful set of eyes and ears to understand where your business is and where it can go.

Eric Pflaging

Audio Engineer & Media Mogul, Hillside Studios

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