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Branding & Business Performance Strategist, Melissa Slawsky

About Melissa Slawsky –

Branding & Business Performance Strategist, Dr. Melissa Slawsky (aka, “The Business Growth Maestra”) helps extraordinary consultants and expert service providers shift from high-performance to high-IMPACT so they can hit their business goals faster (and simplify their lives).

Prior to taking the leap into entrepreneurship, Melissa served as an Assistant Professor of Music at a variety of colleges and universities in the Southeastern United States until she realized that creativity was the key to her fulfillment.

A self-admitted personal and professional development “junkie,” she leveraged her teaching skills and obsession with all things online marketing to work behind the scenes for a few 7-figure coaching and training organizations as a Growth Strategist, Trainer, and Content Developer before striking out on her own.

Melissa resides in the Asheville, North Carolina area where she enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and four birds.

Fun Fact: Melissa still teaches piano (working only with students who LIGHT HER UP.)  She helps them develop their artistry – for their most exciting, expressive, and engaging performances. We spot patterns for efficiency. And, we exaggerate all those expressive elements, so the listener can hear them.

[What she does in business is largely the same.]